Rap Battle- It is what it is.

Rap battles are fun. Fun does not describe anything. Let’s do this again. Rap battles are frigging awesome AF oh my god! Exhilarating and exciting. Rap battle platforms like Spit Dope (Delhi) and B3- Bombay Battle Bars (the name explains the location) have been doing extremely well. They are absolutely responsible for uplifting the hiphop scene in India. A lot of people irrespective of their interest in hiphop have been attending these battles and have drummed up their support for the scene.

Let’s talk about me now. There was this one moment when I imagined myself battling at Spit Dope. It was a really interesting. My friend Paras (from Pune Hip Hop Renaissance) was gracious enough to watch my gig at a café in Viman Nagar in 2015. He brought his friends along. The crowds were pretty happy too I can say. We had a conversation that went in the following way.

Paras: Why don’t you battle? There are no women in the battle scene. It will uplift the scene and you as well. This is a chance.

Me: pfft! No…battling is not what I’m looking at right now. (I didn’t want to mention that I was a little nervous about that concept too)


The conversation ended and I had a telephonic conversation with Paras later when I was in my home town.  The conversation lasted for 1 hour which had me thinking a lot about the rap battle thing that people keep doing. I used to watch the Spit Dope and the B3 battles intently. The entertainment level was very high. Everyone from the crowd showered support whether they knew the emcees or not.

Days passed by and I thought 2016 was going to end without me overcoming my meaningless fears. On November I glanced at a post that was put up by Spit Dope(along with Desi Hip Hop DHH) stating that they were collaborating with the Mumbai heads to put up a grand show. Mechanically I went ahead and was taken to battle it out with my opponent Somshekhar. With a lot of positive support from my parents, sister and my best friends from college, I was thrilled. My sister got 4 tickets sold and hence brought along her friends who had less clue of this whole rap battle scene in India. My debut rap battle went well but I vividly remember getting cold feet with the veterans staring at me. I have made my misses and I wish I could explain how I felt the heat all over my face despite the air conditioning. I felt relaxed after it was all over and proceeded to enjoy the rest of the show. It was a huge moment for me. I had the platinum opportunity to meet the heads from Delhi and Mumbai at once. I would have never skipped this event even if there would have been a natural calamity. The new friends who got a first-hand experience of the show were star struck and awed. They do wish to attend more rap battle as they stated.

I am feeling fuelled to go ahead with rap battling (just to dip my feet into these waters until I can swim fearlessly into it). I know it will only elevate my intellectual capacity to perform better and to increase a rapport among the other rappers who are doing good for the scene. I have never enjoyed socializing so much. Stay tuned for new music that I am gradually making.




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