FADE AWAY~a poem.

She stepped in the water, her feet all bare,

She didn’t feel the chill and so she dared,

To challenge her nerves that was already numb,

That’s how it had, long back, become

There was no cure, she fought every minute,

To feel the elements that she had all seen it,

Her friends were gone, her faith was a company,

And mates like love and hope accompanied,

It rained. It snowed. The sun heated the air,

She hardly reacted; there was a deep despair,

Nothing ever worked, she was like a stone,

Unmoved and unaffected, all alone,

It was only a flaw, it was not a fault,

Feelings didn’t exist, her life had come to a halt,

Everything was dysfunctional only her beauty remains,

Don’t look at the surface but see how much it pains,

Her heart was resistant, she stayed unmoved,

She wished it was better but life was too rude,

She was too paralyzed to speak the words,

Life was over, for her it was absurd,

To go on living when she had nothing at all,

She grew way too tired waiting for her call,

Summers passed by and when autumn had arrived,

It was all winter the day she died.


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