She got up and managed to bring herself to consciousness. She was all alone and it was the only moment when she could escape…

 I am going to narrate you a true tale of a friend of mine who is more like an elder sister to me. She also happens to be my best mate. She was sitting on her bed, narrating me shocking events.

“My teacher was a perverted fellow. He was a reputed man in his field. I was in standard eight when he was my mentor. Every evening he used to come to teach me but he had a different motif in mind. He entered my room and my door was shut as usual. He ran his hands on my thighs and my shoulders reaching for my chest. I pushed it away, feeling irritated. This was his regular activity. One fine day, he turned bold and said, ‘Let me do it already. No one will come to know.’ He obviously wanted to run his hands on my body. I pushed him away and threatened him. ‘Get out of my house or I will create a scene now.’ He got up and left. I went to my father and told him about a plan. ‘Daddy, tomorrow when you come, please park your bike away from this area. Come walking to the house and do not make any noise. Come at 8:15 pm sharp.’ I was sure that this plan would work. This teacher of mine knew everything. He was sly. Every time my father parked his bike in the garage, he would tell me that my father had arrived. He recognized every move that my father made. He knew the time when daddy would arrive.  This time, he would be proved wrong and I was sure.

The teacher arrived the next day and began activating his motor nerves to reach out for my assets. I did not push it away. I wanted him caught red handed. Father reached just in time and he did as I directed him. At 8:15pm, he tip toed into the house and headed for my room. My teacher had already felt a lot of me by then. Moments later, father unlocked the door and caught him in the act. In rage, he held him by the collar.

‘If you dare come to my residence, I will make sure you lose your reputation and honour. I do not want to see you anywhere around. Don’t you dare do anything stupid from the next time onwards. Remember one thing…’ he paused before he gave a slap that caused a massive impact and he fell on the floor. I was sexually harassed by my teacher.

When I was in tenth standard, I had a group of friends. Some of them were Ajay, Vijay, Alisha and Reema. Ajay was my childhood best friend. We were close from standard sixth. As we matured, things began changing for the worse. Ajay seemed different to me. He was not the same person anymore. He had uncles who took the pleasure to poison his ears about me. I remember when he said certain things to me.

‘Hey my uncles want to have a group intercourse with you. Will you please come?’

It was the most shocking moment of my life. I knew his uncles were tarnishing his perception about me. I was helpless. It was the puja night and all of us decided to go pandal hopping. We were ten of us. Our plan was to roam around till 6 am. Vijay was Ajay’s younger brother and he had accompanied us too. We were dog tired and retired at a friend’s place. I have a big drinking capacity. That night, I took two whiskey shots and fell asleep. It was weird. When I woke up, I was hand cuffed by something against the bed and I felt Vijay on my body. He was trying to kiss my neck and everything. I tried to come back to my senses but he was drunk too. I pushed him away and threw him down. I realized that Ajay had set his brother up to rape me. I could not do or think anything. It was a terrible struggle. I got up and ran to see if my other friends were all right. All of them were drunk and naked. I had to pick myself up. I ran to the bathroom and it was a wintry night. I took the bucket of cold water and poured it on myself. It was not enough. I knew that somehow I had to reach home. I took another bucket and poured it on myself. Drenched, I ran outside and looked for a taxi. I got a cab and told the driver, ‘Please take me home. I will pay you extra.’ He assured me and took me home safely. My fathered noticed my drenched attire. Feeling too traumatized to explain, I ran inside the room and cried. Later I told my father about the entire experience. I was sent to Chennai to pursue high school. The brand new environment would help me erase every bad experience I ever had. The only friend I valued was Jina. She helped me recover from my past experiences and instilled new hopes in me. I got over it until one day someone stepped into my life.

I was in the class, crying. Everybody else went to attend the morning assembly. This guy, Shaan was the school secretary. He came up to me and enquired about my condition. Feeling lonely, I blurted out everything. From that day onwards, Shaan and I went around together. Feelings began growing and our bond turned deep. Shaan would drop in my place often and Ajay had his residence close to me. I never disclosed this information because things would get difficult for the both of us. One day, Shaan and I were walking hand in hand, entering my house. Ajay walked passed just then and both the boys took notice of each other. Shaan’s grip tightened and he was unconsciously hurting me. Shaan made a plan that day. I had no clue about it.

A beautiful blonde foreigner invited Ajay to her place. Lured, Ajay followed her inside the house. She opened her clothes and her lingerie was visible. She asked him to wait on the bed and she went inside the washroom. The lights went off and the wires were disconnected. Ajay was held by his collar by some unknown man. He was bashed to death for a long time. He fell down, unconscious. The next day, there was no trace of the man and neither the girl. Ajay had no proof. Everything was planned well. I was not sure if it was Shaan who bashed him up because he never told me about the incident.

We were together for a long time but one fine day, Shaan had to leave for Germany. He said he would come back to me but I was not convinced. We separated and I wanted to have a new life. People do not know what I have lived through. I am always subjected to judgmental people. I have been told that I am mentally very strong. An average girl might just commit suicide. I have done a lot to keep myself safe. Bad things always come to me and I ask all the time- why me? I have big dreams and goals. I will repay my parents for all that they have done for me. My self-esteem is at an all-time low. Each time go to the college, my head automatically droops when I enter the class. I put on ear phones and sit near the window. I had imaginary friends when I was a kid. I used to talk to them, sitting near the window back then. I still remember them as I sit by the window side. Now I have reached a phase where I don’t see anyone but me. I have learned to ignore everybody else. All insignificant aspects of my life have vanished. I need to find my own spot light.”

This narration left me speechless. I looked into her eyes, expressionless. It was 2:30 AM. I gave an assuring hint of smile and lay down to sleep…


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