My teacher asked us to write a poem on summer. it was sweltering heat. I put myself in the shoes of a child and penned down a poem on summer that was much appreciated later when I read it out . 

The heat wave, the sun and the loo,

Heating me up through and through,

I am longing to have some juice and some shake,

I am longing for a summer break,

I want to sit inside, draw curtains,

I hate this heat, I want the rains,

I need the umbrella, sunscreen and shade,

I want to drink lemonade, homemade,

Stifling dust, I think I will get tanned,

Oh! This heat seems so unplanned,

I wear garments that have full sleeve,

Else it will burn my skin, I grieve! I grieve!

It is okay early morning when the sky has clouds,

I dread the moment when the sun comes out,

Its okay, I can chill and I can relax, sit back,

When the sun goes down and the sky goes black.


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