I have a friend who believes in consuming vegetarian diet. He loves fruits and vegetables of course but he has a problem. All his food habits are directed by his mother. He cannot consume watermelon because his mother does not allow him. I asked him the reason behind it and he frowned saying that I would laugh. In fact he was the one surprised at his mother’s verdict.

“My mother said I cannot eat watermelon. I love all sorts of fruits ranging from bananas to guavas and the like but she forbids me from eating watermelons. She is vegetarian and so am I. All she said was the red juicy flesh reminds her of the red flesh of animals and while slicing the melon, she is reminded of animals being killed. It seems like an animal is slaughtered as the melon is cut to pieces. It is funny but I cannot do anything.”

Just that moment, I mentally drew a picture of the mother as a typical, innocent home maker who is surrounded by baseless superstitions, most of which border to stupidity. I chuckled for a moment and he said that he felt the same too. As he looked away, I caught him frowning under the glare of the midday sun.   



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