The rate of judgemental nut cases in this planet is too damn high! People cannot and will never stop judging be it mentally or vocally. Talking about judgement, being vocal about it is absolutely repulsive. People have a favourite pass time -judging people with every move they make. Judging seems so easy that people take the easy route and judge on the basis of looks, dressing, mannerism and every other possible parameter they could think of. The problem is that, they don’t know where to draw the line. They do not know when to put a full stop and they would prefer to survive for eternity with such narrow mental attitude. There are some instances that I can tell you about.

It was the first ‘Creative Planning’ session of the semester and ma’am gave us an assignment. We were to pair up and brainstorm and come up with creative ideas for advertising using certain thumbnails drawn on a page. When a duo approached the teacher, they began explaining the teacher about their “great” idea but two judgemental bastards (who are perpetually judgemental) passed a rude and a silent remark. They said, ‘It is a clichéd idea’ and let out a smirk. The next thing I knew was that I wanted to punch their faces. I wonder if they produced a great idea worthy to win national award. Sarcasm aside, I can tell you more instances.

I have always been suspicious of people and so I never approach them for a small talk. A classmate of mine wanted to go to the college with me but my friend intercepted and told me discreetly, ‘Do not share the public transport with her. She borrows dough and never returns.’ I had to buy that statement at the moment but in the end, I noticed that she shared the public transport with another friend of mine but paid for her. My view point changed in no time and I was disappointed in my friend for misinforming me about my classmate who held me in high regard. The real motif behind it was that my dear friend just wanted to give me a useful advice but the situation took a different turn. Maybe you want another instance.

I have a friend who was bullied and mocked at during the initial semester. She was excessively low morally and spiritually but she found a genuine friend in me. I wanted to make her feel wanted and nice but people never stop bothering her directly and indirectly. A faculty of our college understood her misery and came ahead indirectly to make her feel special and I was happy for her. Since the faculty took up a small moment to make her feel nice, people instantly rumoured about her being the “spy”. I was disgusted. They said things like, ‘She is the tail of the Director who goes to inform him about what goes on in the class.’

I interrogated my friend subtly and she said, ‘I hate the authority actually. I have a certain kind of dislike towards him.’ If a person dislikes authority, how can she do favours for them? The problem here is that my friend has minor OCD and I gathered people do not consider her capable of handling major responsibilities. Underestimation comes in, on top of judgement. I do not know what else to say but I can ruminate over the fact that people just judge based on rumours and what-not’s. I am not stating that I am the Mother Teresa here but in life, we all have to put an end to stupidity and the hollowness created in our minds. People should keep in mind that the job of judging is best when it is done mentally.



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