After all, who gives the liberty to shout at people? Not the government and definitely not your family members. Shouting seems to be the last resort when you cannot make your view point heard. Shouting seems to be easy when you do not want to hear out what the other person has to say. I have had bad experiences with people shouting at me. There were times of desperation when I shouted back as a kid.

I am currently working with this Production House as an intern hoping to make a mark here. My super senior first gave us this opportunity. I attended every meeting and soon started working with the rightful boss. He assigned me duties and I did them diligently. This one time I could not attend the meeting that usually comprises only four of us. The senior shouted at me over the phone just as I was getting ready to go out with a good mood. This was not acceptable.  I was calm when I told him my view point but he refused to listen. All he said was, “We do not want irresponsible intern and you better attend all the meetings next time.” This was enough to get me in a rage. I was sincere when I did my work and when there were no volunteers, my friend and I went for it and now it is only us who are still working for it. My senior should have had a different approach when he was talking. The worst part was when he cut the call and it quite disgusted me. Raged up, I went to the place I was supposed to go. I swear I am not going to talk to that senior of mine again.

I was asking my mother if she had enquired at the NGO Centre about the work they do. She asked me about the NGO but I could not answer her because the internet did not have much information about it. My mother fumed up with no reason and started saying that I don’t know much about anything in my life and so on and so forth. It was baseless. To bring her to level, I retaliated to calm her down but it was not worth it. You see, it was her fault but it was my fault as well but I cannot tolerate when people shout without first listening to the other person’s view point. It only builds up tension and anger that you never wanted to have in the first place.

This one time I had a row with my roommate as well. It was an issue related to light. She would not switch on the light and on top of that, draw the curtains till it was super dark. I don’t live that way. If I had to do my work, I needed the god damn light. It was unbearable for me, her attitude. I burst out to some extent till she reciprocated the same. Believe me, I wanted to gun her down but then I calmed down before anything violent could form up in my head.


The great Lord Buddha once asked, “Why do we shout in anger? It is because when you shout, the distance between two hearts become broad and to cover up that distance, we shout. Intimacy of two souls never let you shout. ”

Shouting releases the tension and the anger you feel. You shout in front of your dear ones because you feel they understand. Sometimes they don’t and hence, no point shouting.



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