Her father was in the army before and he owned an illegal SIG Pro semi-automatic pistol that he never revealed to his daughter.  The daughter stood tall at 5.8 and had a broad physique and loved to play sports with the boys. She was nineteen and she was independent when it came to taking decisions about what she wanted to do or whom she wanted to befriend. She had some trouble with a classmate  and abhorred her presence. There was some tension in the air whenever they accidently met. They felt the mutual vibe of hatred. There came a time when she could not bear it and went to her father in the morning during the breakfast hour.

‘Daddy, how are you?’ she asked plainly looking at her cereal bowl.

‘I am fine dear. You are troubled I see. Tell me.’ The father raised his head up to have a look at her visage.

‘There is a friend who is troubling me and I seem to meet her often. We have been exchanging sharp words lately. I want to wipe her off this planet.’

The father stopped eating and looked at his daughter for a few seconds.

‘Dear, never say that. There is a solution to every problem. When I was in the army, there was no place for fear and cowardice. You needed to be brave or else you were ousted from your post. In the army, enmity means you lose life. In your case, it means there is a chance to forgive and be forgiven.’

She looked her father calmly, finished her cereal and left the table. She went to college and found her detestable mate in the corridor. She could hear her talking to her friends from a distance. The girl concealed her presence and tried to listen.

‘Sheena is annoying. I don’t want her in my class. I need some peace… actually, a lot of peace.’

Sheena seethed with rage. It was unprofessional on her enemy’s part to talk behind her back. Sheena went back home in disgust and headed for the store room. She sat there in the dark feeling lonely and angry. She wanted to explore the old room because she loved junk. After minutes of random rummaging inside the stacked up boxes, she came across something that she did not expect to find. She froze for a while but she gathered courage, pocketed the object and silently left the store room.

In the evening, she sent her enemy a text message:

“Hey Farha… I am sorry for causing you all the harm. Let us be friends and then we can be peaceful. Meet me after college in the park behind the parking lot. We will reconcile. I Promise.”

The clock struck 4.01 PM and her enemy came into view. Sheena approached her and they were standing opposite to one another.

‘Sorry. There has been a lot of cold war between us lately. It is not done actually. Let us be friends.’ Sheena put forward her palm. Farha looked at her palm and felt she could finally trust her. She shook it and smiled after a while.

‘I guess we should be friends but I will think about it.’ Farha spoke after a long pause. The trees swayed and the leaves rustled.

‘I have to go now Sheena. I have to head back home. I need to sleep.’

‘Sure.’ Sheena let out a friendly grin. Farha turned to go. Sheena thought for a moment and her entire life flashed before her eyes. She took the object out of her coat pocket and pointed it out at Farha. Farha was oblivious and continued to walk ahead. Sheena’s hand began to tremble and she shot Farha from the back. The loud bang nudged the birds from their peaceful noon slumber. Farha fell with a dull thud and began to bleed incessantly.

‘You may have the peace all to yourself, Farha.’ Sheena turned her back and began to walk away. She felt strong at the moment. She put her father’s SIG Pro semi-automatic pistol inside her coat pocket and the sun was setting in the background.



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