I do not understand all this hype about the LGBT rights. Why do people have so many problems with this system? There was a time on earth when the concept of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender was frowned upon but now we have come above the level of projecting ourselves as orthodox bunch of citizens. Some people tell me, ‘I am totally against this LGBT system. This is unnatural and offensive.’ and I want to answer back, ‘…but does it harm you or nuke you?’

The world has seen enough strange things happening and strange incidences occur every minute. People have pages like ‘STRANGE FACTS FROM AROUND THE WORLD’ and they cannot accept concepts like LGBT. When I was in 11th standard, I had a close friend who wanted to fight for the rights of the minority and she was confident of her decision. I admired her boldness and her determination. She was a leader by nature. Well…what is the humongous issue if the partners are of the same sex? Don’t you think people are beyond the mainstream trying not to go for heterogeneous relationships? According to me, I’d say that it is a bold step on their part. They only revealed their true sexuality hoping they would be supported but instead they have to fight this battle on their own. Technology is updating itself by the minute and we are stuck on the issue if people should be allowed a peaceful homogeneous  relationship. It is absolutely none of our business to see what their preferences are. After all, it is a matter of privacy. Just because people are out-dated does not mean everything around should be backward. At the end of the day, we are humans and the country is burning with more severe issues like poverty and corruption. The authorities can concentrate on those issues for Pete’s sake!Image




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