Pune, 16th December: The tragedy that had befallen Nirbhaya last year is a reminder of the lawlessness in the streets of Delhi which has led to a protest march yet again. In the honour of Nirbhaya, a procession was undertaken by the students of Symbiosis Institute of Design, Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication, Symbiosis Centre of Management Studies to commemorate her death as well. The students marched around the Symbiosis campus with candles and posters trying to make the people of Pune aware of the tragedies many other girls like Nirbhaya have to face. Yet there was another rape case in Delhi recently which shocked us once again. The tragic condition of the women in Delhi does not seem to improve. People had suggested many alternative ideas as to how one must punish the offender but sadly, none has been executed so far. Taking action against these offenders now seems to be a far-fetched idea.

Recently, majority of us were shocked at the decision that honourable Supreme Court made. They say that the judges are going senile and that the ability to make a transparent decision is going out of hand. The law now says, “Under Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, criminalizes homosexual acts and it is not only legally unsustainable, but more seriously, goes against the very grain of the court’s jurisprudence on fundamental human rights.” But the judges classify sexual or any kind of physical harassment to be a mere crime. It seems that we have returned to being orthodox. Soon after the decision, Facebook was filled with wall posts slandering the decision of the Supreme Court. There was a wall post which said, ‘The last thing I expect of Supreme Court is to be blonde.’ The judicial wing of the nation has now become a hub of controversies and contradictions.

Coming back to the main point, my question is that why are the women folk so vulnerable or at least viewed with the perspective of being the victim of vulnerability. The protest marches will continue to take place as long as injustice is rampant in the country but what action can we take to wipe out at least partial injustice? Sometimes we wonder if we are left alone to fight for ourselves.      Image

the candles are arranged to say “STOP RAPE”


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