I went to the mess to eat snacks. I sat beside my classmate, Ashita and was having a chat with her. Randomly, I asked her about her views on femininity. She was surprised in the beginning  but then she was convinced to speak about it. What she said was really nice I think and so I am going to quote her view point (Yes I remember it all)-

‘I think femininity is something we all should be proud of. I am proud to be a girl but sometimes I am not. See, girls have certain features that are attractive like possessing grace, the way we do things and the way we think. The way we think is also different from boys. I can tell that to you with an example. My boyfriend and I think differently about our families. We love our families dearly but the concern I show is more than his concern for his family. Whenever I am late, I tell him that my mother will worry a lot and my uncle might be expecting me at the moment. When he is late, I ask him why he does not head home early. He always says that his parents will understand and they won’t mind him being out so late. Sometimes he is laid back. I like to do things in a certain way and these day,s majority of the girls are indecent by the way of their dressing and body language. A very few women of the female population will value decency. I am happy to say that I fall in that category and I am decent. Femininity need not have a clichéd idea of wearing pink garments and being a delicate darling. For me, femininity is being smart, confident and being a real woman. One can have grace even if she is like a tomboy. I think this is what I think about it. Shall I get you some more tea?’



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