There is an easy method to increase your instincts and alertness. I am just stating what worked with me. I am a very nature oriented person and I could spend the entire evening admiring her everlasting beauty. There were times when I spent the noon standing in front of the beetle tree and the coconut tree. These trees are really tall and to catch a glimpse, I would head to the terrace every afternoon at around 5 PM. I would not call myself crazy or anything, but I loved talking to the trees and I always did it alone. My poor neighbours would never understand my level of communication with nature. The clouds were just perfect, reflecting hues of orange from the setting sun. Sometimes, I wanted to be a cloud. There were times when the trees would actually sway in order to agree with me. That was when I had this connection going strong. My elderly friend once said, ‘Trees can listen to you. They can listen to music and they respond to you in a way that you might just not notice.’

As the sun would set, the artist in me would arise and I would draw the image stuck in my head. Long back, before I changed cities, I maintained a dozen personal diaries starting from the age of 11. The entries were immature in the beginning of course but my life begun taking a different turn soon. I maintained diaries to such an extent that one day, I had to burn one of them because I did not want people sneaking into my personal life.

I had a diary where I would write about the dream I would see the previous night. I once read on the internet that writing down dreams actually help you increase your instincts. It turned out to be true. My instincts were good enough to predict small movements of people-literally and figuratively. It helped me realize the things I would see in the real world. Those visions remained subconsciously in my mind and later came out as twisted dreams of random things I had seen throughout the day. Sometimes these dreams would manipulate into something scary that often woke me up early morning.

I have a friend who has extremely amazing instincts. Her intuition is as sharp as a sword. She can literally predict things around her. When she knows something bad is going to happen, she ends up in tears pre event. She knows everything, maybe even the future. I can tell you that she will keep herself safe. I admire her brilliant sixth sense and I always wanted to acquire it. They say, some moments of silence in the nature daily helps you build instincts. I guess I do not want such sharp instincts because it might keep me awake all night because sometimes, ignorance is bliss…        Image


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