I have had this passion to do a lot of things in life. In my mind, I am multitasking…and these days, I am slowly multitasking for real. I have the desire to learn and play instruments. When I was in seventh standard, I had two pens in my hands and drummed my way around the house. One fine afternoon, I lay down beside my mother and drummed on her sewing box. She stopped me and said, “You want to learn the guitar? I will get you one.” And since then, my love for instruments increased. My dream had finally materialized and I got the golden instrument in my hands. It gave me the natural flair to sing and compose lyrics. I was very much into nature and so composing came spontaneously to my mind. I have this notebook full of random lyrics, some of them are unsung. My desire for a personalized studio increased but it was not a good idea. You need dedication to record in the studio and it is a full time commitment. Music aint going to be my full time commitment, I said to myself. I needed to do something better and so I skipped the idea. Maybe that day was not far away. All I needed was patience and a little bit of luck. These days I have lost the motivation to sing and play the guitar. I received a second guitar on my birthday from my dearest father. It is a Gibson Rosewood and it is perfect. I was always surrounded by aspiring and budding musicians in the classroom who either loved to sing and dance or both. They always kept my mind at ease and light and I loved to spend my school hours with them. We had plans like creating a band. All we needed was a drummer but it was okay without one as well. We wanted to call ourselves “The Neighbourhood.”

Recently, as I was online on twitter,a music producer called Kevin Kinch/Spesh K sent me a message. He said he wanted to record a song with me and I was delighted. The lyrics are purely mine and now, I finally have one track to my credit for the moment. I knew my patience would pay off…  Image


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